Financial branding

Financial branding

Getting your branding right can have a huge benefit in retaining or capturing new investment.

With our years of experience in this field, we know how important it is to work hard and carefully to build the right logo, stationery, pitch book, fund fact sheets or website for your fund. It is one of the most tangible ways that you connect with your investors and it has to be right.

Making your presentation relevant with our specialist content advisory services, we utilise 20 years of senior funds experience, from launches to facing some of the most significant global investors, we can bring essential and dynamic content to your pitch document. Our insight has been further honed by working closely with experienced allocators to identify the key failings that they observe in presentations they attend.

Once the content is optimised and the Fuse design edge added then the personal coaching begins on both one-on-one and team levels to ensure that you effectively bring your offering to life.

With our top tier public relations and brand creatives we have the brains and the brawn to deliver.

How we help our clients

Brand development
With our tools and consultants we can assess the brand as it stands, and discuss how the brand could be.
Content development
Your pitch book is a key document. We can help with the content, pace and layout of this to maximise it's value. This also spills into the website and fund fact sheets.
Fuse translates all of the new content into a cohesive package.
• Logo,
• Stationery,
• Pitch book,
• Multi-media books,
• Advertising,
• Website - IR areas and hosting,
• Printed brochure

It will have your funds personalty and tone.

Getting your fund out there
If you need help with Public Relations we can help there too. Our PR financial specialists can help you get your message out to prospective investors. We can also offer coaching to deliver the killer pitch.


print or multi-media

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Free brand consultation

If you have a brand, or you are looking to put one together, give us a shout. We are happy to give you the benefit of our experience to help guide you to the next level.


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