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UNIOPS Branding


Unilever's new UNIOPS design

Unilever rebranded it's UNIOPS function to Procurement Finance.


Unilever wanted a dynamic brand that encompassed the three strong core values. We built a 'power up' motif that was then used as a driving force in the function, aswell as the 3 core values and 3 employee types - 'Value-catcher', 'Powerhouse' and 'Futurist'.

They where so happy with the concept, it was then used across all finance functions with minor changes.

Brand core values and visual interpretation

procurement finance evp brand.gif
Fuse produced:
  • Powerful tone & brand Identity

  • Teaser campaign - digital social media - Whatsapp/Yammer/Unilever Sharepoint

  • Energetic town hall brand landing video presentation

Procurement Finance Brand landing video

Procurement Finance Brand landing video

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Digital teasers
Digital templates - PPT, Teams etc