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Zero Based Budgeting

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Crowd-sourcing Initiative

A company wide intiative to spend with a founders mentality, and invest the savings back into the business.

Active over two years, Fuse built a huge number of assets for Unilever to promote and activate staff.

ZBB Videos

ZBB Videos

ZBB Videos
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Fuse produced a CEO introduction and many case study videos for different countries to highlight their intiatives and savings.

We scripted, filmed and edited these quick insights and promoted them across Unilever platforms. 

Fuse produced:
  • Tone & brand identity

  • Dynamic and engaging sharepoint site

  • Relevant video & PDF case studies

  • Engaging work books

  • Ads

  • Targetted case study newsletters

  • League table

  • Internal adverts

  • Animated social media memes for Yammer